Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Musing at the Museum

A quick live note here: I am on the fourth floor of the art museum now… it’s a pretty cool place, though personally I had more affect me at the Andy Warhol. Still, some of that could be attributed to the company in which I viewed the works, and I really liked the exhibit of Bruce Nauman there. Ironically, I think an exhibit of this will be coming here this summer - I don’t know if it will be here by the time I leave.

I kinda feel like, by coming here and taking the basic tour, walking around and such, that I am attempting to play some version of real life runescape. I come here, put the time in, and attempt to level up in the "Culture" skill category, not actually advancing anything past being all the better at dropping names at dinner parties.

The jazz band playing here just started up this real funky tune, and im really digging it. I cannot do justice with a recording, and I don’t know the name of the band, so the only way I can preserve the music right now is by somehow writing down that it is, in fact, smooth and funky, the way all good jazz is.

So have I leveled up today? I saw that famous painting with Micheal Jackson and the monkey (Bubbles is his name, for the record), I saw some steriotypical shocking stuff and avante-gaurde stuff and the guide said the word kitch three times in 30 minutes … but I think I really am going to be able to walk down the steps in fron of here (what is up with art museams and their steps? Evelating art? Training grounds for Rocky?) taking something of value with me. I got a few good photos on the way here I feel, grabbed a few interesting ones here, but most of it has to be mental. I know Jeff Kunes now, so I can drop that name in art conversations. But ideally I would like to attribute my time spent here as more than the ability to feign some sort of culture, in order to feel better about myself than everyone else around me.

The clouds were down amoungs the skyscrapers as I walked over- it was like God was one-upping the buildings. There will be photos posted somehow, sometime, if I actually like any of the shots I took. Walking back will be interesting - I wish it was a little darker out. Right now it is dark, but a grey dark, not a night dark. Still, I will be sure to grab some shots as I walk. And eat my snack now too! I havent had supper and am famished.

Another idea I had while walking through here - there was a blank, empty 20x20ish room on one floor. I wanted to print something off and then tape it to the back wall. Everyone walking up the stairs behind me would take it as some sort of art, but it would be my work, not some superfamous somebody --- though I am confident enough now to say that I, in fact, am some sort of artist. I don’t know exactly what everything means, but I am sure I can ascertain that I can create something (on a rare occasion) that repersents some sort of artistic value and meaning to others, and that is realy all that counts.

I am pretty sure that I should come here again - the walk here was great in itself, the mist heavy on the city. But the exceptionally nice security (no really, i have talked with a few, they are really nice) have started closing up some doors, so I should go. Signing off!
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