Saturday, May 31, 2008


sometimes i cant tell when the movie ends and my life starts.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wattpad, with Scribefire

I just signed up for Wattpad, a ebook reader for your phone,
and it so far is AMAZING. I packed my reading list with
most-likely-less-than-legal douglas adams books, so I can fill any
deadtime I have with my phone.

Also, I am using a firefox-intigrated blog editor, called ScribeFire, to write we will see how this works out...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cooling Off Period in Nepal

This quote is the funniest thing I have read by the Associated Press(!) in a long time. Taken from the middle of a International Herold article, long known for its laughs (or not...), in an article on how the Nepalese have thrown out their king:

When and how the nation's king, Gyanendra, would leave Narayanhity, the main palace in Katmandu, was not clear. He has made no public statements in recent weeks about his plans, although his supporters have made their disappointment known by setting off small bombs in the capital.
amazingly dry delivery there IHT, best viewed when reading the whole article where it just comes out of no where.
i love it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Libertarian Attitude + Island Resort = Quite a Dream

just a quick jott here.... I really love this idea, though its odds of making it to reality are slim to none. The points brought up about how currently we dont really have any choice in our government is not so solid though; if you moved your little island, you would move away from everyone you know and join a whole new group with a whole new culture: Sounds pretty similiar to me moving to cananda. Still, I like the concept.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Yeah, so I want to do individual song posts every once and a while, talking about meaning, because in my experience, there is not enough good discussion about the meaning of songs. There are some unmoderated sites where the same people that leave those AMAZINGLY horrible youtube leave meaningless comments saying how much they love Paramore, but that about it.

A side note: an AMAZING xkcd comic talks about this: "Want to play a fun game? Try to leave a youTube comment that is so stupid, everyone knows your joking. Hint: It’s impossible." So true! I have never read comments on any youTube that seems to be written by a middle school graduate. So here is a reflection on "Delilah," by the Dresden Dolls.

There's no end to the love you can give
When you change your point of view to underfoot
Very good
You may be flat but you're breathing

And there's no doubt he's at home in his room
Probably watching porn of you from the fall
It's last call
... see all
And you're the last one leaving
And you thought you could change the world
By opening your legs
Well it isn't very hard
Try kicking them instead
And you thought you could change his mind
By changing your perfume to the kind his mother wore
O god delilah why?
I never met a more impossible girl....

In this same bar where you slammed down your hand
And said "Amanda, i'm in love"
No you're not
You're just a sucker for the ones who use you
And it doesn't matter what I say or do
The stupid bastard's gonna have his way with you...

You're an unrescuable schizo
Or else you're on the rag
If you take him back
I'm gonna lose my nerve
I never met a more impossible girl...
I never met a more impossible girl...

At four o'clock he got off
And you called up
"i'm down at denny's on route one
And you won't guess what he's done"
Is that a fact Delilah?
Larry Tap let you in through the back
And use his calling card again
For a quick hand of gin

You are impossible, Delilah: the princess of denial
And after 7 years in advertising you are none the wiser

You're an unrescuable schizo
Or else you're on the rag
Cause if you take him back
I'm gonna lose my nerve
He's gonna beat you like a pillow
You schizos never learn
And if you take him home
You'll get what you deserve
I never met a more impossible girl...

So don't cry, Delilah
You're still alive, Delilah
You need a ride, Delilah?
Let's see how fast this thing can go...
Let's see how fast this thing can go...
Let's see how fast this thing can go...

This song really speaks to me given a situation in my life, but generally it just rings so true - the swelling piano and gorgeous harmony that runs throughout the later verses and final refrain is amazing. The lyrical meaning, a friend bemoaning the fact that a person is under the spell of something the want to call love to a 'stupid bastard'

The mood shifts later with "Lets see how fast this thing can go," which is amazing!!! It took me multiple listens to understand it(and one lyric lookup), but its just two friends talking, before finally getting out of dodge. I hope that Delilah did in fact listen to her friend. I think she did - things finally break in that end, and the tone radically shifts, from the earlier words of advice, to the decision to just get the hell outta the room, out of town, out of the situation with emotional entanglement - which is just what the friend was in fact advocating.

If you, my special invisible friend, have any other thoughts, feel free to drop them to me, I would be interested to see how other people think about this interpretation.

Continuation of Post and Life

When it comes to the commute of which I am certainly a part of now, I had a few really neat experiences recently, the first of which is when I gave up my seat today on the train to a 40ish, slightly overweight lady.
It felt amazing. The train scheduled had changed due to memorial day, and so the aisles quickly filled with 4 or 5 people who did not have any seats. I saw the one woman on my car, and suddenly realized that there was absolutely no way that I, an able-bodied, young college-aged male could justify sitting while this woman was standing a few feet away.
Ironically enough, I was wearing jeans and a black linkin park hoodie zipped up, which is extremely unusual on a train full of suites and polo shirts, and I feel like it added to the impact. I really enjoy breaking the stereotype that people that wear black somehow don’t care about others- more generally, I enjoy breaking any stereotype, and I find that this one is often times assumed.
So I simply offered her my seat, and she was quite grateful, thanking me as she sat down, but what really gave me a sense of satisfaction was the comment made by my ex-seatmate, a black woman in her thirties with her iPod earphones in. She took out one of her earphones and mentioned to the lady who sat down that there are still some real gentlemen out there. This really set in some sense of "Yeah, life is good," sort of feeling, but I am not sure if it is right

What if instead, I would have simply stood up and walked out of the car, to stand in the aisle of another, without saying anything? The lady that was standing up would have sat down, which was the objective, and not an ounce of credit would have given to the college kid. No thank yous, no being a gentleman, just standing anonymously in another car,
I was raised in a Christian household, and that mindset, which I agree with, is that God and you know that you did the right thing, and that is what matters, but really societal approval is what triggers the feeling of doing a good deed. I don’t know for sure, but I guess being given credit for your own work is correct, and if your own work is standing up, than credit given by others is not a bad thing, though the issue really is making me think.

Interestingly enough, on the way back home I got this great photo of a guy staring out the window. I felt sorta bad, taking the photo without permission, and over my uncles shoulder who was sitting in the row between, but I like the result. I also saw a great scene of a man in a full suite walking his daughter who was overflowing with happiness walking towards the train station: I am not quite as happy with how the photo I took turned out, but I just had to do something to capture how happy the two of them were together. The father (I assume) held her hand and just seemed to be smiling by the way he walked, and the little girl even had a little skip to her gait as she walked, her skirt just fluttering about. Of recent memory, those were the only people that seemed genuinely happy to me.

Isn't that a sad statement? Why don’t I other people seem happy? I mean, not necessarily euphoric 24/7/356, but at least happy. There is a reference here to an article which I read about suicide on the golden gate bridge, but I have no access to that article here. At some time I will post it though, I promise.

Pearls Before Breakfast

Wikipedia is basically amazing. I don’t know how people survived without it. I was reading online when I saw the word "busking" used, and being who I am, I traveled through a wiki page before getting a link to this article, which is HIGHLY worth you reading (warning: this article is over 8 normal pages long, for you reading-averse readers).

Basically, a world-class violinist performed in the subways station in downtown DC, for free. His concerts have tickets that go for over a hundred for a seat, but of the 1100 people that walked past him over the course of 40 minutes, only a handful stopped, and only a handful appreciated the performance of one of the greatest musician of our time. The Times interviewed many of the people afterwords, and even people that were in line for multiple minutes right next to him didn't not, by and large, remember anyone standing there.

I found the article to be excellent - its description of how a mother prevented her child from staying even though the child was captivated by the music was interesting, though it did seem at points like the author was pushing the child card a little bit too hard.

But the real interesting thing was that this article turned into an amazing article about the meaning that is attached to so many lives today: it took the concept of the beauty around us and gave at least me a feeling that they were talking about the real meaning to commuter life which those 1037 people have. The quote which really amazed me was from Edna Souza, a shoe-shiner who was working nearby and was answering why she thought so few people noticed or cared as they walked by, and she answered;
"People walk up the escalator, they look straight ahead. Mind your own business, eyes forward. Everyone is stressed. Do you know what I mean?""
Makes you actually think...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Artsy (The Subconcious Defense of a Socially Defined Being)

I tend to use the word 'artsy' to describe some projects (for example, a project which would have involved changing the labels of some soda machines), and often these are the projects that i am most proud of. But I use the word artsy as a sort of satire, making fun of the concept. At least psychologically, I am excusing myself and some sense of 'emo' or art snobbery that goes along with doing projects that are involved with actual meaning or are more abstract that what the mold of what i am suppose to be.

More to the point, the concept of the guy, the die which i am suppose to be cut doesn't allow room for the idea of artistic emotional expression. thats correct, emotional, the word that starts with emo. thats right, 'lame-pussy-ass-emo,' to some of you other people out there. Personally, I find that view to be completely wrong in some situations (though not far from the truth in others), but a lot of people... especially guys... really do subscribe to the idea that those emo kinds are worthless/less than them.

I always chalked it up to the fact that people fear other people that are different (base case for racism), and really dont agree with the oft-cited explination that "emo-haters are just emotionally repressed" or something similiar. I really dont think that the football team (in a high school situation) seriously cares about a lot of things that steriotypical emotionally and/or artsy kids do, and its not out of repression of his inner self that he loaths them.

So heres to being unashamed about art. and me making it. tomorrow. on the train. maybe the day after. standby for results!

the reason for the lack of double post is my broken pinky finger, which is dead weight being pulled across the keyboard and is seriously slowing down my typing speed. but no more lies, here is an absolute promise: tomorrow, i will not double post.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Dresden Dolls

So this "Post-punk cabaret" band (who chose that genre themselves to avoid any sort of "Goth label) is completely worth you time.... if you like to fill your time with unusual piano-centric pseudo-indie hyphenated-worded bands.

They have just two band members - a drummer/backup vocals/producer and a panio/lead vocals who has a voice which does not lend itself to any easy comparisons. There recent album is quite solid, though I would recommend "Shores of California" as an introduction, followed immediately by "Dirty Business."

Their quirkyness as well as amazingly great piano skills - I suffered through 8 years of piano lessons, and the only thing that remains is some sense of musical awareness and a love of keyboards (and synth-keys) in any form.

Ironically, these guys were hand-picked by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame to open for them on tour --- and I swear, I didn't find out about these guys because of this, even though I am a fan of that act, as godless and shock-jock-esque as they may come out to be.

apologies for missing yesterday - today, i double post to make up for my un-reading readers sake!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


another day successfully ventured through; no complaints here.

i have been doing a lot of thinking on the topic of existence; in fact that line of thought is the main one behind the existence of this blog. I plan on working through a large-scale post during the upcoming few days, when i will have both the time and psychological space.

and on the music note, i have a song to recommend. I know that just by naming the artist, many people will begging to stereotype against both the song and my character by just naming him. however, that sort of blind prejudice against (or for!) any given type of music is so uncalled for - i know that we all have some sort of gut reaction, and I know I do against country music. but the other day, i was tooling through the radio stations and listened to a few notes that grabbed my ear, before hearing some twangy voice come in. I had to strongly resist the urge to hit the seek button and actually evaluate the music in front of me - the song wasn't amazing, but it certainly wasn't bad.

I fail to think of a situation where those sorts of prejudices against whole genres, and also artists, would be a positive thing.

keep your prejudices, heres the link to a youtube set to the song

Saturday, May 17, 2008

an early morning reflection...

on how sweet this little twitter mashup is - put simply, it takes in random twitter updates with the phrase "i hate," "i love," and three other phrases, then scrolls them across the screen.
i love the interface as well - the only thing i would ask is that if you could click on one twitter thought and go to that persons profile, as to inquire into the very interesting thoughts that occasionally scrolls across the page.
i personally like clicking 'love' and then 'hate' real quick so you get both of them intertwined - i wonder what the ratio is between the amount people talk about loving their significant other, verses using the phrase "i hate" them? the ratio would be rather telling...

Friday, May 16, 2008

More blog thoughts

I read an extensive amount about blogging this afternoon --- and heard a lot of good thoughts. The main jist of what I read could be summed up with this article, as well as the whole site that professes guides for a successful blog, a blog for a targeted niche and such.

I dont think that I fit into their categories very well, however, I decided to do this little exercise and fill out a chart of what I want this blog to be (click for larger photo).

I also felt that this graphical repersentation was better than the hierarchical structure, although I will say that using the far more popular work structure chart looks much better - it looks like I actually did some real work! I wonder if that explains its popularity over many other forms of data infographs

(side note: if your into information representation, check out information asethetics for some really neat stuff on representation of data in visually pleasing ways, as well as just generally solid art/data projects)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

We all just want to be rockstars...

Someone just passed me a link to the rider contract for the Foo Fighters, and it honestly is pretty funny. A rider is the contract given to the operator of a venue that band is playing at, so this is the list of rock-star-esque demands that they have, as well as making fun of the whole process at the same time.
The trick involving the numbers is pretty classy too.. and the quote at the bottom of page eighteen(49) is great too:


so this blog was created as a placeholder for future interest, and in the past few weeks the interest has suddenly blossomed into a full-fledged concept. The next few weeks will be a test of if this idea holds water, so do try to bear with me.

I would like to address why I anonymised this blog though - I originally had my name tossed around on here, but then realized I don't think I want people in my real life to make the link. I fell this will allow me to be much freer in my observations, without worrying about the reaction and fallout... and if I feel like they would be able to handle things, I can always just tell people face to face about it.

So heres to hoping for a post tomorrow!