Monday, May 19, 2008

The Dresden Dolls

So this "Post-punk cabaret" band (who chose that genre themselves to avoid any sort of "Goth label) is completely worth you time.... if you like to fill your time with unusual piano-centric pseudo-indie hyphenated-worded bands.

They have just two band members - a drummer/backup vocals/producer and a panio/lead vocals who has a voice which does not lend itself to any easy comparisons. There recent album is quite solid, though I would recommend "Shores of California" as an introduction, followed immediately by "Dirty Business."

Their quirkyness as well as amazingly great piano skills - I suffered through 8 years of piano lessons, and the only thing that remains is some sense of musical awareness and a love of keyboards (and synth-keys) in any form.

Ironically, these guys were hand-picked by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame to open for them on tour --- and I swear, I didn't find out about these guys because of this, even though I am a fan of that act, as godless and shock-jock-esque as they may come out to be.

apologies for missing yesterday - today, i double post to make up for my un-reading readers sake!

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