Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Artsy (The Subconcious Defense of a Socially Defined Being)

I tend to use the word 'artsy' to describe some projects (for example, a project which would have involved changing the labels of some soda machines), and often these are the projects that i am most proud of. But I use the word artsy as a sort of satire, making fun of the concept. At least psychologically, I am excusing myself and some sense of 'emo' or art snobbery that goes along with doing projects that are involved with actual meaning or are more abstract that what the mold of what i am suppose to be.

More to the point, the concept of the guy, the die which i am suppose to be cut doesn't allow room for the idea of artistic emotional expression. thats correct, emotional, the word that starts with emo. thats right, 'lame-pussy-ass-emo,' to some of you other people out there. Personally, I find that view to be completely wrong in some situations (though not far from the truth in others), but a lot of people... especially guys... really do subscribe to the idea that those emo kinds are worthless/less than them.

I always chalked it up to the fact that people fear other people that are different (base case for racism), and really dont agree with the oft-cited explination that "emo-haters are just emotionally repressed" or something similiar. I really dont think that the football team (in a high school situation) seriously cares about a lot of things that steriotypical emotionally and/or artsy kids do, and its not out of repression of his inner self that he loaths them.

So heres to being unashamed about art. and me making it. tomorrow. on the train. maybe the day after. standby for results!

the reason for the lack of double post is my broken pinky finger, which is dead weight being pulled across the keyboard and is seriously slowing down my typing speed. but no more lies, here is an absolute promise: tomorrow, i will not double post.

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