Friday, May 16, 2008

More blog thoughts

I read an extensive amount about blogging this afternoon --- and heard a lot of good thoughts. The main jist of what I read could be summed up with this article, as well as the whole site that professes guides for a successful blog, a blog for a targeted niche and such.

I dont think that I fit into their categories very well, however, I decided to do this little exercise and fill out a chart of what I want this blog to be (click for larger photo).

I also felt that this graphical repersentation was better than the hierarchical structure, although I will say that using the far more popular work structure chart looks much better - it looks like I actually did some real work! I wonder if that explains its popularity over many other forms of data infographs

(side note: if your into information representation, check out information asethetics for some really neat stuff on representation of data in visually pleasing ways, as well as just generally solid art/data projects)

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